DSP Discrete Graphics


Version for real device HP 49g, HP 49g+ & HP 50g

Note: Version for Android devices only in the Play Store.


  • Description

    Product Description

    Discrete Graphics for Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

    Recommend for Professional Degree and Post Degree.

    Version Language: English.

    Discrete Functions: Delta, Heaviside, Ramp, Comb, Triangle, Rectangle, Dirilecht, Diri, Sinc, Sa.


    1) Graphs of Discrete Functions X[N]
    2) Graphs of Convolution: Y[N] = X[N] * H[N]
    3) Graphs of Circular or Cyclic Convolution: Y[N] = H[N] o A[N]
    4) Convolution of Sequences: X[N] = X[X 1, X 2…] * H[H1, H2,…]
    5) Graphs of Convolution of Sequences: Y[N] = X [X 1, X 2,…] * H [H1, H2,…]
    6) Sequences Begin Position: X [X 1, X 2…] & H [H1, H2,…]
    7) Circular or Cyclic Convolution of Sequences: Y[N] = H[X 1, X 2…] o A[H1, H2,…]
    8) Graphs of Circular or Cyclic Convolution of Sequences: Y[N] = H[H1, H2,…] o A[A1, A2,…]
    9) Sequences Begin Position: H[H1, H2…] & A[A1, A2,…]

    Graphics textbooks discrete functions:

    Luis Fernando Alvarez, John. G. Proakis, Dimitris K Manolakis, M.J Roberts, Richard Baraniuk, Alan V. Oppenheim, Ronald W. Schafer, and many more.

    Note: Names of other authors, are for identification purposes only.

  • Requirements

    Real Device HP 49g, HP 49g+ & HP 50g

  • Additional Information

    Instructions included.