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Welcome to the web site intellect.one which offers you services and sells products under the terms and conditions set out therein, read these terms and conditions carefully before using the web site intellect.one, since by entering the site you confirm the understanding with them, If you do not accept these terms and conditions of use, you can not use this site.
terms and conditions subject to change without notice.


The items available on the intellect.one website.
which are acquired by users on payment or free of charge, they are only for the use and enjoyment of the user and intellect one authorizes its use only and exclusively to the user than the acquired.

the sale and distribution of the items available in this web site is prohibited. any user, without prior authorization by intellect one.

Returns and refunds

intellect one, does not make any refund or return of any item available on the web site. you are responsible for the use and management of acquired items on this web site. and you declare that you have the knowledge for the installation, operation correct and handling the articles available on this web site.

advice: before buying any article and you have any questions send an email to support@intellect.one


intellect one, does not share the information of its users with third parties.


intellect one, is not in any way responsible, for partial or total data loss, or other damage that the use of the articles available on this web site, It could cause to the user.